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Our Services

Who We Are

Anchor Financial Services was founded on our Founder/CEO’s strong desire to assist business owners as they navigate the business lending environment. Michael Ellsberry has enormous experience in a wide variety of industries and has the ability to quickly determine directions for the best results.  Depending on the assignment, Anchor Financial Services can add one or more professionals to serve the client’s needs.  Amongst Ellsberry and other close associates, extensive experience exists in business formations, performance analysis, cash flow projections, financing alternatives, marketing, social media strategies, Quickbooks, operating procedures and many other areas.  

We’ve touched many types of businesses over the years and will likely have experience with one like yours.

What We Do

We start with questions in our first conversations.  We will ask how you see your own needs. We will explain our processes and how we will do the work you are asking us to do. We ask for some of your information to firm up the definition of the problem. Based on reviewing your work, we create a proposal for this to be a consulting or financing engagement. No fees are ever payable in advance.

Once the proposal is executed, additional documents are requested and analysis or a loan proposal begins to be developed.  If the work is loan related, we will quickly determine the type of financing and begin to search for that lender depending on your facts and their preferences.

The quality of our work is improved because we will spend a lot of time with you by phone, text, zoom as necessary.  If this involves a significant size loan, the red Explorer will show up at your place (by appointment) to view your business opportunity.

If we are writing a report on your processes, we will go over that with you.  The same will happen with a loan project.  You will have a copy of our work that will be provided to you.  We will discuss the financing opportunities we have found and where we propose to present your loan.  You are in charge of that process.  We honor your preferences that we add a bank you like or subtract a lender you don’t.

We will follow up with you as you implement our report and will stay with you in the lending process.

Our work for you is confidential and will not be shared with anyone else.

How We Get Paid

Generally, we get paid one of two ways.   In the event of a financing engagement, we first look to the lender to get paid.   If we are paid by the lender, there is no charge to you.  If we cannot find a lender to pay us, then we will expect payment from you once you have accepted the offer by the lending institution. This is usually 1% of the gross value of the loan.

For a consulting engagement, our fee is earned once we have submitted a completed report to you.  Our fee will likely be based on an hourly rate against a total maximum estimate. (The lesser of the two.)


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